A UK first in newborn photographer qualifications AIPPN

AIPPN Maternity & Newborn Qualification

There are many qualifications that photographers can work towards in the industry and most are for general areas in the field of portraits or weddings.  The IPPN  is the only organisation that I know of that offers a qualification that is specifically for the specialist areas of newborn baby photographers combined with maternity portraits.

I decided to spend the last 12 months working towards this and invested in training to improve on the skills I had already developed over previous years. I finally felt confident to submit a panel of newborn and maternity images for consideration and I’m delighted to say that I was awarded “Associate” status for them and got some fantastic feedback from the judges !!!

Associate is the 2nd highest qualification available and I am at this time the only newborn photographer to have received this in this specific discipline rather than just in general portraiture!

You can see the images and some of the fantastic judges comments below.

newborn qualification images


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