Snug as a bug in a… bowl! | Louth Newborn Baby Photograpy

When I arrived at this little one’s house, the first thing mum said was that she was a bit apprehensive as he really didn’t like being kept undressed. I’d say that the vast majority of my parents tell me that, so this post will explain a little about what I do to combat that. When I arrived he was wrapped up all cosy in a big blanket and his nappy as I’d suggestion to mum before the session. The central heating was on and we quickly got to work making the room extra warm, we were expecting snow, so mum put the fire on and I set up my fan heater. Once the room was really toasty and I’d made sure my hands were too, we slowly lifted him out the blanket and placed him on my beanbag, starting with the softest one I own. I laid his warm blanket on again just until I was sure he’d stay deep asleep, then I set to work.

By the end of the session, we were all hot and sweating, and there in the middle of the floor was the most serene and content little boy. Success!

beautiful newborn baby pics louth lincolnshire
(And maybe it’ll make you laugh if I tell you the only time he whimpered was when it was time to leave the bowl and get dressed!)

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