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While you’re expecting…

Maternity photographs are a special record of your child growing inside, supported and nurtured by you. Whether this is your first or fourth child, each pregnancy journey is unique. I specialize in making expecting women bloom in front of the camera – looking and feeling their best.

I’m a mum – I understand firsthand that the growth and newness in your body might make you want to shy away from the camera. I know how to help you move in front of the lens so that later you can remember this as the special time it is and show your future child how you were there for them from the beginning.

Anna maternity session
Elli makes you feel at ease

When baby arrives…

You’ll come visit me in my whisper-quiet studio. We’ll preserve all the details of your tiny new baby so you can hold these moments forever, as bright and clear and beautiful as the day they were taken. Their sleepy innocence, little toes and button nose – the perfect portraits of your baby, so fresh and unique. Ideally these sessions are held when your baby is under two weeks old, whilst they are still super sleepy and curled up.

newborn baby photography
wonderful manner with babies

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Would you like to have these tangible, irreplaceable reminders of this special time for yourself? My baby diary fills up quickly, so please book in for both sessions after your 12 week scan so we can ensure you a space.  Both maternity and newborn sessions are £95, but book them together and you’ll save £30.  Each session includes a beautiful mounted 12 x 8″ print of your favourite portrait, additional prints are available from £50 and canvases from £195.  Also available are collections offering you great discounts on popular products.

Head this way to see what you can do with your portraits after your session…

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