Manby’s Magnificent Millie

Don’t be fooled by Millie, she is the epitome of cuteness, but it seems she doesn’t believe in sleeping on photoshoots! Instead she has mastered the art of keeping her eyes closed and peeking out with one eye just when she thinks you aren’t looking. 🙂

The little open eye image below is probably the look she gave me most often and you can’t help but giggle along with her!  Millie is the youngest of three beautiful girls, so I think it will be a house full of laughter most of the time. 🙂  (Keep your eyes peeled for her shoot with her sisters, coming to the blog soon). Lincoln-newborn-photographyCleethorpes-newborn-photographygrimoldby-baby-photoLouth-baby-photoLouth-newborn-photographylincoln-baby-photo

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