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I was delighted to see that one of my images has been used as the header image for an article in Professional Photographer magazine. Newborn photography is still relatively new to the UK, and as one of the leading newborn photographers I was asked to review the lights I use for my sessions.

newborn professional photographer magazine review elli cassidy

The lights I use are a specialist product that give off a soft, gentle and even light that helps boost the natural window light, perfect for newborns and especially useful on Britains many grey days! You can read my review below:

‘Buying a LitePad is one of the wisest business decisions I have made. I work on location in people’s homes so I never know beforehand how much room I will have or what the lighting conditions will be like. The LitePad has become my perfect solution; it’s like my own portable window, giving a gentle and even light to my set-ups and doesn’t disturb my newborns at all. The fact it is so small and doesn’t get hot is a definite added bonus, there’s no waiting around for equipment to cool and it packs away taking up no space in my over-crowded car boot! I would even say that it has reduced my editing time, getting a better lit SOOC means less tweaking is needed in post production. I can’t imagine being without it now.’

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