Training For Photographers


Do you hope to have one of the best jobs in the world? To meet new people every day, celebrate their new babies with them, share an amazing experience with them and create portraits for your clients to treasure?

It sounds ideal right? I genuinely do believe I’ve got the dream career, though it’s not been without it’s challenges; mastering the technical sides of photography and lighting, building relationships with clients and suppliers, overcoming the many hurdles and difficulties involved in running a business, and making a sustainable profitable too.  It’s taken several years of hard work, continuous training and development, and lots of experience to get there, and I’ve loved (almost) every minute of it.

Would you like to be in the same position?  Does your lighting send you crazy? Would you like to refine your posing skills? Do you have business skills you’re really proud of or are there areas that you would like some help with improving?
I offer personalised and bespoke training, tailored directly for your needs to help you gain the confidence and skills to run your business successfully so you too can love your career.

Let me help you build up your business, call me on 01507 481048 / 07908248532, or drop me a message here so we can plan your next step.