Meet your newborn baby photographer…

newborn photographer Elli

Gentle dawn light, as you slowly stroke down that little button nose, their furrowed brows relax under your touch. Instinctively reaching forward for their nearest hand, small yet powerful fingers curl in reply around your own. An overwhelming feeling of connection, of belonging spreads through you.

Minutes pass unnoticed, box sets and books now abandoned indefinitely. There is nowhere else you would rather be, absorbing every detail, every expression, committing all to your memory.

It’s unfathomable how much you can love this new little being, you still can’t quite believe you made them and they are yours. You want to remember this time and this feeling forever, exactly as they are right now, so new, so fresh with a life full of promises ahead.

Your newborn photographer

Everyone will tell you how quickly they change, how soon your baby will be sitting, walking, running around. As a mother of three children, I can vouch that each new stage is wonderful and exciting, but also closes the door on another special phase.

Together we can record those details so you can be reassured you have them forever. Delicate fingers, tiny toes, pouty lips, and little nose. You’ll look forward to each new stage of your baby’s life and enjoy the wonders with them with the confidence that we have beautifully photographed their earliest days.

The International Professional Photographers Network has awarded me Newborn Photographer of Year award for two years running and I have reached Associate of Newborn and Maternity photography. I’m an ambassador for Team Bowens, and a newborn photography trainer for ClickEd and The Photography Academy. Be assured you that you really will receive quality images from your baby sessions. Your baby’s comfort and safety is paramount, the studio and set-ups have been carefully designed with that in mind.

If you would like me to freeze a little piece of time for your family, please contact me after your twelve week scan so I can guarantee you a place in my baby diary. You can call me on 07908 248 532, 01507 481 048 or click here to email me, whichever you prefer.

newborn baby photographer